Incorporating physical activity

Incorporating Physical Activity into your daily routine

Are you ready for some fast and easy ways that you can start getting active today? Look no further! With the right tips and planning, you will be active and on your feet before you know it. There are so many great reasons to start now. But how do you start? What are the practices you can use to guarantee that physical activity becomes a part of your life for good? Read on and begin your journey to better fitness. 

It’s all about the plan

Getting started means making concrete plans. A few key factors will make physical activity more and more likely to enter your daily routine.

Time of day

In life you are faced with time constraints. Things like work and having to get your kids to school on time all lower the amount of free time in your day. This can make physical activity seem like less of a priority. Based on your schedule, ask yourself what time of day you think you would most enjoy being active. For some people a light jog first thing in the morning at sunrise can be a routine they never want to miss. For others, doing some light swimming in the evening is more preferable. It is important to know what works for you, specifically. Feel empowered to protect this time. It is yours, and it is valuable.

Indoor activities

Our homes offer so many ways for us to be active! Including calorie-burning household tasks in your daily or weekly routine can be an excellent way to increase your physical activity while also crossing off items from your to-do list. Examples of these indoor activities include:

  • washing floors
  • vacuuming carpets
  • watering potted plants
  • ironing
  • manually washing dishes
  • playing with children or grandchildren

With a little thought, you can identify opportunities to include more of these tasks into your routine. For example, switching from using the dishwasher to hand-washing dishes or choosing to vacuum once per week instead of every two weeks.

What are some indoor activities you enjoy doing? Could you do them more often or on a more regular basis?

Outdoor activities

Weather permitting, our backyards and local parks can provide no shortage of opportunities for activity. These can include:

  • cutting grass
  • shovelling snow
  • raking leaves
  • tending to our gardens
  • taking long walks
  • cleaning eavestroughs

What are some outdoor activities you enjoy doing? Could you do them more often or more consistently?

Easy ways to burn calories

Healthy activities can be integrated into our daily lives without ever even having to go to the gym. Looking for even more inspiration? Check out these easy ways to burn calories.

  1. Dancing
  2. Bicycling
  3. Washing or waxing your car
  4. Playing volleyball
  5. Gardening
  6. Pushing a stroller
  7. Running
  8. Raking leaves
  9. Walking
  10. Water aerobics
  11. Swimming
  12. Washing windows
  13. Basketball
  14. Jump rope 
  15. Stair climbing

Give yourself rewards and incentives

Why not give yourself an actual scorecard, with prizes for milestones achieved? If your goal is to rake leaves twice a week and go for three bike rides, you should get a check mark each time you complete the activity. Accumulate five check marks? Give yourself a healthy prize like a new book or a night out at the movies. Make it something that you would personally enjoy!

Remember, it is the process not the result that amounts to success in physical activity. 

A scorecard will allow you to track your commitment. Prizes will reward you for doing so.