Self Acceptance

Accepting where you are will get you to your destination

Self-love is one of the most important qualities needed to stay committed to healthy eating. It has a powerful energising effect. Ironically, though, it is very common to adopt a negative self-image during a weight loss journey. A part of you dislikes your current body so you employ a harsh inner critic to punish yourself when you go astray. This inner critic sets unreachable goals, and is satisfied with nothing short of perfection. Learning to accept yourself and stay positive will help quiet this inner voice. No matter what the journey has been like until now, it is your attitude today and moving forward that will guide your progress.

Use food to nourish yourself

Think for a moment about what food is really meant to be. It is meant to be the primary way you nourish and care for your body. Let’s return food to its rightful purpose! What does healthy shopping represent? What does cooking with healthy ingredients represent? What does eating in moderate portion sizes represent? They all represent acts of self-love. It is no coincidence then that when you do these things, you end up loving yourself and your body as a result. 

To love yourself, you must first unconditionally accept where you are in the journey at any given point. Real love is unconditional, and you must show it to yourself.

Practice unconditional self love

The single most important relationship we have in life is the relationship we have with ourselves. Your health, home, family and finances are all impacted by how well you take of yourself. Trying to manage weight, however, can challenge your self-care.

It’s a common feeling. You’ve been on a great run of healthy eating and exercise only to let it slip with one night of over-consuming. What follows? For many, it’s an uncomfortable pattern of shame and guilt. The way you treat yourself when you fall down or have a slip will determine whether you get to your goal. Very often, over-indulging happens in the middle of a great run of healthy eating. More than any other, this is the time when you need the most love, kindness and nurturing.

A healthy relationship with yourself will not only inspire healthier dietary choices, but also foster acceptance and forgiveness for those times when you don’t make them.

The right energy space

Eating healthy requires kind self-motivation. You, in effect, will be your own boss. What kind of boss would you like to work for? 

You can choose to be a compassionate leader who offers appreciation and encouragement every step of the way. One that values progress but also forgives mistakes. This form of positive reinforcement will allow your “working relationship” to progress. Caring for yourself from the right energy space will lead you to happy outcomes. 

When you work for a positive boss, you work from a place of ease, and set yourself on the road to success.

Be kind to yourself.

Exercises in self acceptance

Mirror Work 

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact with yourself
  • Accept yourself just as you are
  • Offer positive affirmations (“I am strong” “I love the person I am”)
  • Voice all of the reasons why you are proud of yourself 

Positive Rituals

  • Design your ideal day
  • Prepare a fresh breakfast for yourself each morning
  • Devote a certain amount of time to spend with people you truly care about
  • Try to incorporate exercise and meditation
  • Implement relaxation techniques before bed (chamomile tea, meditation, etc.)

Write Yourself A Love Letter 

  • Use an encouraging tone
  • Congratulate yourself on the progress you’ve made
  • Tell yourself how confident you are in your ability to make positive choices
  • Remind yourself how good it feels to do so